Captain Jeremy Hicks PO Box 125 Hatteras NC 27943 Docked at Hatteras Harbor 252-996-0977

Frequently Asked Questions
How many people can I bring fishing on the Calypso? The USCG regulates that a maximum of 6 customers are allowed on the vessel. There is no exceptions, even if they do not participate in fishing!
Can I buy beer the morning of our trip? No. North Carolina law doesn't allow for beer sales until noon. So I would suggest "stocking up" before the morning.
Are we guaranteed to catch fish and if so what happens to the fish we catch? Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in fishing. That's why we call it fishing and not catching. Hopefully, we will have luck on our side. We strictly follow all state and federal regulations when fishing, and you get to keep the fish! And if you want to share some with the crew, well that's great too! Once we arrive back at the dock, there is excellent fishing cleaning services available for a nominal per pound price. It's very well worth it, especially if you are not so good with a knife.