Captain Jeremy Hicks PO Box 125 Hatteras NC 27943 Docked at Hatteras Harbor 252-996-0977

Captain Jeremy Hicks
Capt. Jeremy (right) grew up in the mountains of North Carolina, and has been an avid fisherman since a very young age. His love for fishing started on the riverbanks with his father and grandfathers, and continues today in the waters off and around Hatteras.
After working on private boats for several years, Capt. Jeremy knew the only place to learn everything he could about gulf stream fishing was in Hatteras. After moving to the outer banks, Capt. Jeremy fished as a mate for many years under several very knowledgeable captains before making the move up to the bridge. You will find that fishing with Capt. Jeremy is a pleasure. He enjoys being on the water and sharing his love of fishing and having fun on the water with you! Knowledgeable, willing to teach and full of stories and jokes, you will find fishing with Captain Jeremy on the Calypso is a well rounded experience for all types of anglers! How the Calypso got its name
Calypso was a sea nymph in Greek Mythology. She detained Odysseus on her island as her immoral prisoner, seducing him for seven years until she was commanded to release him by Zeus as a favor to the goddess Athena. It is said that Calypso represents "the forces that divert men from their goals" Seemed pretty fitting for a fishing boat......
The Boat
Join Capt. Jeremy for a full day offshore gulfstream adventure or a nearshore half day trip on the Calypso, a beautiful 45' Custom Carolina Sportfisher built by Capps Boatworks. She's the newest boat in the Hatteras Harbor Offshore Fleet! Get to the fishing ground faster and experience world class sport fishing aboard a first class boat! We have a refrigerator, air conditioning and a private bathroom for your convenience! Equipped with the latest Garmin Electronics and Shimano Tackle from spinning rods to 100# class, the Calypso is ready to provide you with a fun, safe day on the water. Owner and operator Capt. Jeremy has been fishing out of Hatteras for over 11 years now, first as a mate and now at the helm. Whether you want to target billfish, tuna, mahi or wahoo in the gulfstream, or you want to stay in sight of land and target smaller game, the Calypso and Capt Jeremy are ready to give you the experience of a lifetime! We also offer live bait king mackerel trips in the fall and custom trips, as well as corporate and tournaments.